Play Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards — ‘scratchies’ for short – are super-popular in South Africa. There are thousands of themed online scratchies: attractive, fun and easy to play. Some reach the level of video games in their sophistication and bonus features. We’re assembled our online scratch card knowledge here. Read on to find how to play them, and check out our recommended list of scratch card sites for South Africans.

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Scratch Cards Are Easy to Play

Online scratch cards are fun and easy to play. There are no complex rules or strategies. If you can scratch a paper card with your fingernail, you have what it takes to be a scratchie guru. You don’t even need to walk to the corner store.

Anyone of legal age in South Africa can play. Pick a card from the huge selection on offer at recommended sites. Then click or rub your mouse on the card to reveal concealed numbers or symbols. Some of those symbols will make you an instant winner. In others, you will need to find a row of the same symbol to win a cash prize or bonus. The more you pay for a card, the bigger the prizes. The more cards you buy, the better your chances to win.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

The best way to win money with online scratch cards is to open an online casino account at one of our recommended sites. These have a vast selection with prizes that can really add up. Playing scratch cards online is simple, although there may be minor variations from game to game and casino. The typical procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the scratch card section of the casino in your web browser.
  2. Choose a game. Some casinos divide their cards into groups.
  3. Place your bet. Click plus or minus buttons to adjust the coin amount.
  4. Click “New Card” to show the image of your chosen scratch card.
  5. Use your mouse to “rub” over the card, click to reveal one symbol at a time. If you are impatient, many games let you reveal all symbols at once.
  6. Once you “scratch” the whole card, you will see how much you have won. Usually, three or more of the same symbol is a winner. There may also be bonuses to boost your winnings.

What are the Odds of Winning with scratch cards?

Physical scratch cards, of course, printed in advance. The odds against you are fixed, and the outcome predetermined. There are winning cards and losing cards.

With online scratch cards, it’s a different story. Each time you play, a random number generator kicks in to determine if you win or lose. The economies and competition of online play mean that internet scratchies tend to give you a better chance to win than paper ones.

Different online scratch games have different Return to Player percentages. Scratch cards have big variations in Return to Player percentages. If you’re looking for the best odds, then the best scratch card is the one with the highest RTP.

Scratch Card Strategy can Make a Difference

Because winning scratch cards is pure chance, some say it makes no sense to develop a strategy. Sure, it all depends on “the luck of the scratch”. But there are best practices that can keep you out of trouble and maximise your chances of winning.

  • Find recommended casinos with a great selection of high quality scratch cards.
  • Play free scratch cards in demo mode to familiarise yourself with the game, without risking your Rand.
  • Set betting limits before you start to avoid getting into a hole.
  • Find scratch cards with a high Return to Player.
  • Check out the paytable. Review the winning combinations, their payouts, and bonus features.
  • Start with smaller bets to get comfortable.
  • Many casinos will offer bonus money when you make a deposit. With these bonuses, you can enjoy more real money scratch cards for free, courtesy of the casino.

So Many Scratch Card Choices

There is a vast variety of online scratch cards. Go to the scratch card or instant game section of a casino, and marvel at the diversity of scratch titles on offer. While scratch cards are straightforward, there are many variations. To stand out from the crowd, game developers come up with bonus features and creative twists. New online scratch cards are added each week.

Some scratchie designers will be more to your liking than others. Playtech has designed an impressive collection of scratchies, with some of the best scratch cards to win on. They combine attractive cards with cool bonus features to maximise the fun and excitement.

  • Lotto Madness is one of Playtech’s most popular scratch cards. Play as many as 3 cards at one. This may take a bit more concentration. But multi-card play can be more interesting and lucrative. Each card has a 3 by 3 grid. 5 balls roll across the top of the screen, like in a TV lottery show. If the numbers on your card match the rolled balls, you are a winner. More matches mean higher winnings.
  • King Kong Scratch: Did you go ape over the blockbuster movie series? Do you want to monkey around with a clever scratch card? If so, you’ll go bananas over this one. It only has 6 squares but, hey: size isn’t everything. Unlike the famous scene of the movie gorilla and his leading lady, you won’t be able to scratch and sniff. But you won’t need to climb tall buildings, and there is less risk from fighter jets.

The Bottom Line on Scratch Cards

Whichever online scratch card you choose to play, you’re bound to have some fun. Chances of winning in online scratchies tend to be higher than paper scratch cards. And you don’t need to walk to the corner store. For our money, scratch is a fun way to get a cheap thrill and win instant money on line. With potential wins of 20, 50, or even 100 times your bet just for wiggling your mouse, why not give them a rub? Scratch away now at one of our recommended online casino sites.