Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette has fascinated players for centuries. Unlike online casino games of pure luck, roulette offers a realistic chance for smart and disciplined players to cut house odds and increase their bankroll. We have pulled together the best roulette strategy to win big. We provide detailed guidance, diagrams, and tips to increase your enjoyment and success in this classic game.

General Tips

  • Choose casino bonuses wisely. You need to work with reputable casinos. The key thing is to check is how much roulette contributes to wagering requirements for the withdrawal of bonus money. Avoid casinos that do not credit roulette to the requirement. If you can find a recommended casino where roulette contributes 20-25% or up, grab it. Check out our Choosing a roulette bonus page for details.
  • Play European Roulette, not American Roulette. The former has only one house pocket, while the latter has two. All other factors being equal, the odds of winning are much better on a European (or French) wheel. All the casinos we recommend offer European flavours.

Manage Your Money

Set a base amount per spin of the roulette wheel. Decide how much Rand you can risk in the current session. Then stick to it. Controlling your bankroll and staying aware of your limits is key to betting success.

Keep a Good Mindset

Even if you hit a losing streak, and we all do, you need to keep calm and carry on. Maintain a positive attitude and don’t get emotional. Keeping a cool head ensures that your playing decisions remain disciplined and rational. Rational, disciplined choices mean smarter choices and better outcomes over the long run.

Learn Roulette Betting Systems

Roulette is all about the mathematics. Great minds have for centuries considered Roulette to be a supreme math challenge. Although some say “great minds think alike”, that is not the case here. Roulette strategies have been a subject of great controversy among math minds and players alike. In some cases, two learned experts will advocate the exact opposite strategic advice. You should learn and try these strategies to discover which makes sense to you, and which brings you the best results.

Knowing these strategies is not enough. You need to practice them. Try in free-play practice games, then in low-limit games. When you feel truly confident, then you can venture to wager real Rand in quantity.

The three main sets of Roulette strategies are: Martingale and Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci and Reverse Fibonacci, and d’Alembert. Here’s how to play roulette strategy as a mathematician might:

Martingale System

Martingale Roulette Strategy
The classic Martingale System may be the simplest of all to understand, yet many will argue that it’s the best roulette strategy ever. Place an even money bet: reds or blacks, odds or evens, high or low. Unless the ball lands in the house pocket, your odds are 50-50. If you lose, double your bet; if you win, return to your initial bet. Continue this pattern without exception. Playing a system like this without deviation or exception keeps you bankroll under control – you’re never likely to lose a huge chunk of change that can’t be recovered over time.

The Reverse Martingale System works in a similar manner to the original but in reverse. Double your set wager after a winning even-money spin. Go back to your original bet after a loss.

Fibonacci System

You may recall the Fibonacci series from you school days. The Italian scientist and mathematician experimented with procreating rabbits to discover significant patterns. The Fibonacci formula is to sum the previous two numbers to derive the next one: You start with 1+1=2, then 1+2=3, 2+3=5 and so on without limit.

Instead of doubling your bet after a lost, follow the Fibonacci series – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, until you win. Then return to your original even money bet. For example, bet 1 Rand, and if you lose bet 2. Then increase to 3, then to 5, then to 8, and so on – till Lady Luck smiles on you again. Some say that this is the most successful roulette strategy ever conceived.

If you win right away, you’ll start from the first number in the sequence. If you win later on, you’ll skip the numbers you have already played in the series, picking up with what is now the next number. If you see yourself skipping to the higher numbers, that’s a sign that you are making serious money. This system is bit less risky than Martingale because the Fibonacci series does not increase as quickly as doubling the previous bet. This means it will prove easier to recoup any losses.

The Reverse Fibonacci System, as you will expect, following the opposite course. Follow the series when you win even-money bets, return to your opening bet when you lose.

D’Alembert system

DAlembert Roulette Strategy
The D’Alembert may well be the easiest for novice gambler to remember, but it’s based on the fallacy that a win is bound to happen after a series of losses. Start off with your initial bet, pre-set according to your risk tolerance. If you lose, add one unit to your bet. If you win, subtract one unit from your wager. Reverse D’Alembert? You guessed it. Add one to your base bet after a win. Subtract one when you lose.

Roulette strategy overview

Before beginning with online roulette, follow our basic tips. Set your betting limits and keep a disciplined mindset. Look for a free-play practice game of European or French roulette, which offers you better winning odds than American Roulette. Try out each of the classic strategies outlined above in both the original and reverse versions. You’re not risking Rand, so relax and learn the ropes. Once you feel comfortable with the game and find the roulette strategy that works for you, select a low-limit game from our shortlist of casinos recommended for South African players.

Look for an online casino that offers a generous welcome bonus and allows roulette bets to contribute (20% and up) to your wagering requirement. That way you play with the “free money” of your bonus and wager at the house’s expense, at least so long as you can. Withdraw your winnings as soon as your bonus requirements have been met.

So what are you waiting for? Check out a free play roulette game and give it a spin!