Robotika HD Slot Review

Robotika HD, from well-established but perhaps unknown around the southern hemisphere World Match Game Labs, is the first of its kind of slot game. Launched in June 2017, and inspired by sci-fi movies and books, this game is for ‘lovers of all things robotics’. With a super-futuristic theme, clear lines and a fair few robots thrown in (obviously), you’ll think the future is here when playing. 

Even more so when you hear of its social media integration, meaning you can easily share, tweet and post your game highlights with friends, direct from the game itself. Robotika HD, as you might expect, also boasts super defined HD graphics, with high quality resolution of 1280×720 pixels. 

You can play Robotika HD at the following casinos:

  • Mansion Casino
  • G’Day Casino

How to Play 

Robotika HD is incredibly easy to play, despite looking so futuristic. There are 5 reels on 3 rows, with bets starting at $0.01, going up to $1.00. There are five, special stacked symbols in the shape of each of the robot characters – each of the stacked symbols will give you 2x your bet, while finding all the stacked symbols on the reel will net you 10,000x your bet! The wild symbol – literally a symbol saying ‘wild’, will appear at random too. 

In addition, there are free spins symbols, scatter symbols (which appear as a box saying ‘scatter’), but the most gorgeous part of this slot os the bonus game. Once you win entry to it, you’ll see what looks like three concentric circles, with different amounts placed around the outside, like a clock – x50, x5, x20, x10 and x 100. Spin the wheel and land on one of these multipliers, which is yours to keep.


While there’s no progressive jackpot to speak of, the bonus round, mentioned above, is your highest chance to get huge returns – even up to an 100x multiplier on your initial bet. Win entry to this by landing 3 bonus game symbols.

Otherwise, outside of the bonus round, spinning all 5 robot droids as stacked symbols will increase your winnings by 10,000x. Additionally, winning 3 scatter symbols on your spin will get you 10 free spins, as well as a prize multiplier of 2x your bet.

Mobile Version

Robotika HD is available to play on mobile devices, and is available on iOS, Android and Windows-operated smartphones. While there are no current extra bonuses available for smartphone play, this is still a relatively new slot game, and who knows what the future holds. 

Special features

Robotika HD hosts many exciting special features. These include:

  • Social network integration – if you want to show off your wins, or just invite your friends to play, Robotika HD allows you to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts to easily post, tweet or share your highlights to your profiles – without even leaving the game!
  • Wild symbols – these substitute for other symbols on the reels, and could help you net a huge win.
  • Free spin symbols – get 3 or more free spins symbols to get a certain amount of free spins (depending on the amount of free spin symbols you see on the reels) – these free spins are active on all paylines.
  • Free spins on special symbols – there are even special Free Spin symbols, appearing over other special symbols, for example the Wild symbol and the Scatter droid symbols.

Graphics and Sounds

The sound and graphics are what sold this slot game for us. Robotika HD’s theme sounds just familiar enough that you’ll be instantly transported to every sci-fi movie you’ve ever seen, but just different enough that you’ll not be able to place exactly where you might have heard it before. With a fast, undulating and repeating beat, some even faster high notes and a quick rhythm underpinning it all, it’s thrilling, action-inducing, and might even get stuck in your head for days. 

When you spin the reels, you’ll hear some more sounds, similar to those you might have heard robots in late 80s sci-fi films make. While crystal clear, the sound of electrical charges and processes will bring back memories of your favorite droids and/or a few famous movies. When you land on a winning symbol, e.g. one of the droids – a scatter symbol – there will be a small, high-pitched whirring, which continues as your multiplier displays on the screen. 

Graphics-wise, as with any game ending in ‘HD’, you’ll notice that the symbols are crystal clear. They’ve been designed to look similar to old sci-fi films, but the level of detail used in them will definitely place them in the here and now. Behind the reels, you’ll notice some Tron-like pulses of light, illuminating what looks like various ends and sections of a circuit. It’s pretty awesome to look at, and again makes you think back to old-skool sci-fi while clearly being of this era.

Bottom Line

Robotika HD is an interesting slot, especially when you consider that it tries hard to look just like an old-skool 19080’s sci-fi flick, but plays, looks and sounds like something clearly produced with the high quality graphics and technology of nowadays. While we would have liked a few more special features (perhaps a progressive jackpot, a more involved bonus round – perhaps with some of the robots coming to life), what’s here works really well, and is just enough to keep us interested – that and the 10,000x multiplier on stacked symbols, anyway. 

At the very least, this slot needs to be seen and heard – especially for any lovers of 1980s sci-fi films! 

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